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quartz sand production line equipment

Author:news center Post Date:12/08/27

In recent years, with the development of the construction industry, the use of quartz stone range increases, which are widely used in housing decoration, building materials and construction market is extremely strong in the stone market development. Such as cabinet countertops, furniture, countertops, laboratory table, the family wall, hotels and other areas of use are quite common. Now more and more industries to join the quartz stone in use to the construction and decoration company from real estate developers, quartz stone alternative natural stone is gradually heading towards the homes of ordinary people. Quartz stone products in the future market will have a huge market space.
As we all know, quartz stone after a reasonable processing can be used housing and other building decoration materials, its unique characteristics, giving the best visual effects. Quartz crushed and milled quartz sand can be used in stone processing plastic, glass manufacturing, refractories, smelting ferrosilicon, metallurgical flux, ceramics, abrasive materials, casting, use of its strong anti-acid medium erosion capacity building , Preparation of acid-resistant concrete and acid-resistant mortar.
Quartz stone divided into two modes of production of dry and water law, a variety of conventional specifications :6-10M,10-20M,20-40M,40-80M 80-120M, 120M, 200M, 260M, 325M, 600M. Quartz sand production equipment selection will directly affect the product quality and processing system of the investment. The selection is mainly determined according to the characteristics of the raw materials of sand. Liming Heavy Industry England Sand is the most important thing is the selection of quartz sand production equipment broken equipment selection. The crushing of the quartz sand has a broken two broken.
Henan Liming Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. production of a full set of quartz sand production line equipment, production line includes vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, 5X efficient vertical shaft sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine and tape transfer machine, etc. device combination. According to the different technical requirements, various types of equipment combinations, meet our customers' process requirements.
Liming Heavy Industry quartz sand production line mainly for coarse crushing and grinding of the quartz ore processing, because of the high hardness of quartz, carried out processing is generally the first quartz sand Sand preliminary crushing. Sand of quartz sand can be used in hard and extremely hard materials, crushing, shaping, and is widely used in ore, cement, refractories, aluminum where the soil, clinker, corundum building sand, construction aggregate, sand making machine in the engineering field the machine is the main mechanism for sand and gravel, cushion material, asphalt concrete output device. In the mining field, sand making equipment is widely used mechanical devices can produce large amounts of mineral powder is a good choice for mining investors.

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