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Specification of impact crusher

1. Introduction

PF-1214 impact Crusher is our improved product. Its biggest advantage is as follows: the product is of cubic shape without crack. The machine is of reasonable structure, wide use, high efficiency, simple operation and maintenance and excellent safe performance.

To get a good performance and increase its lifetime, the user should read carefully this operating instruction before using the machine, operate and maintain it according to the operating instruction, so the machine can work well.

2. Usage and Performance Data

2.1. It is mainly suitable for building materials, transportation, energy, cement, mining and stone industry.

2.2. It can crush mining stones and rocks whose max feed size is not more than 350mm and resist pressure strength is not more than 320M Pa. Mining stone whose surface water is more than 8~10% or sticky stuff is not suitable to be crushed.

2.3. Principal Technical Data




Diameter of Rotor



Width of Rotor



Feed Opening size



Max Feed Size



Output Size






Electric Motor Power



Weight (without electric motor)



Overall Dimension



Notes: Above inlet size, output size and capacity data are based on limestone.

2.4. The capacity is related to the performance of crushed stuff, feed size or structure. So it is only for reference.

3. Structure and Working Principle

3.1 Working Principle
It is a crushing machine that uses the impact energy to crush stuff. When the stuff enters the field of the hammer, it is impacted by the hammers, thrown onto the impact plate, and crushed. The stuff springs from the impact plate, is impacted by the hammers again, and thrown onto impact plate. This process will last until the stuff meets the requirement and falls from the machine. Adjusting the distance between impact frame and rotor frame can change the shape and size of the output.

When some stuff that cannot be crushed enters the machine, the impact frame will fallback, the stuff falls from the machine. This device can guarantee the machine cannot be damaged.

3.2. Structure and Features:
PF-1214 Impact Crusher mainly consists of rotor, impact frame, mainframe, ratchet cover and transmission parts.

3.2.1 Rotor
The rotor frame is welded by steel plate. The hammers are fixed on right place. Lateral stop can effectively avoid the movement of the hammers.
The hammers are made of abrasion-resistant material. The whole rotor has good balance and resists impact.

3.2.2. Mainframe
The mainframe consists of seat, middle box-frame, and back cover, which are jointed by special bolts. The back cover adopt ratchet device, it is safe when the worker replaces the easily damage parts. It is more convenience to examine, repair the machine and replace the easily damage parts if the user equipment hoist over the mainframe. There are two repair doors on the two sides of the mainframe.

3.2.3.Impact frame
In this machine there are two impact frames ---front impact frame and back impact frame. Each impact frame is separately suspended in the mainframe. When the machine is running, the impact frames keep the normal position by the gravity. When something that cannot be crushed enters into the machine, such as metal, the impact frame will rise up, discharge the metal, and come back. The distance between impact frame and rotor can be adjusted by the bolts. The impact plates can be replaced from the serious abrasion place to the less abrasion place.

The rotor is driven by V-belt. The pulley attached with main shaft is joined with taper sleeve, so it is easy to be disassemble. The speed of rotor is adjusted by changing grooved pulley.

3.2.5. Ratchet cover
There are two ratchet covers in the both sides of the mainframe. It is easy to open and close for inspection of machine.

4. Installation and Commissioning

Our company supplies the whole set machine. The user should check equipment to avoid possible drawbacks occurring in transportation when receiving the equipment.

4.1. The operator should be familiar with its structure, characteristics and technical requirement, be acquainted with the necessary operating regulation and design the proper installation flow in advance.

4.2. There should be some equipment for hanging this machine.

4.3. Before the equipment is installed, check the hole for the base bolts is coincident with the draft and other design draft.

4.4. Installation

4.4.1. The crusher must be installed on the reinforced concrete. The height, depth and area of base should be calculated according to the local field condition. The machine also can be installed on the steel frame.
4.4.2. The base should be flat. The crossing plane of the body and the foundation can’t leak dust and the foundation bolts should be fastened.
4.4.3. There should be enough space below the base to transport and repair equipments.
4.4.4. There should be stuff for absorbing vibration between equipments and the foundation.
4.4.5. The electric motor can be installed left or right. It is usual that the motor is installed on the right of the main machine. If the customer wants to be on the left, please inform in advance.

4.5. During installation, replacing or adjusting the hammers, pay attention to its weight. In the symmetrical position, its weight difference should be limited to the minimum.

4.6. Before the first start and after a long time operation, check the distance between the bottom edge of the impact plate and the top of the hammers. Make sure the distance between the front impact frame and the hammers is twice that between the back impact frame and the hammers. The original distance is as follows:
The distance between the front impact frame and the hammers is 60mm;
The distance between the back impact frame and the hammers is 30mm.

4.7. To avoid the damage of the impact crusher, it’s better to install hopper to feed the stuff. Also the discharge chute between impact crusher and conveyor belt shall be installed under the outlet of crusher.

4.8.Preparation before trial run

4.8.1. Check and confirm that there aren’t other things and stuff in the crusher.
4.8.2. Check whether all the fastened parts are fixed.
4.8.3. Check whether the inspection doors are close. Every door should be spread thicker grease lubrication around before it’s closed so that when it is closed, it will be well air-tight.
4.8.5. Check whether there is oil grease of proper quantity in the bearing.
Check whether there is block of axis.
4.8.6. Check whether the distance between the impact plate and the rotor reaches the standard.

4.9. Running without loading

4.9.1. Before operating the electric motor to try the machine, move it manually and after confirming there is no abnormal sound, start it without stuff.
4.9.2. Trying it without stuff. Conform to the principle of first start and then continuance. After confirming there is no abnormal sound, trial-run it without stuff.
4.9.3. The machine should be operated steadily and no abnormal vibration and no abnormal sound without stuff. It should move not less than 2 hours continuously without load and the temperature of the bearing should be steady and its rising should not exceed 30℃.

4.10. Trial-run with stuff
After the trial-run without stuff is normal, try to operate it with stuff. The lasting time of trying operation with stuff should not less than 4 hours.

4.10.1. Feeding
Feeder device is adopted to feed evenly and continuously. Make sure the stuff lies in all the working parts of the rotor, which not only guarantee the capacity, but also can avoid the block of stuff, and increase the machine lifetime.
The electrical control system of feeder device should be locked with that of the crusher. When the crusher overloaded, the conveyor belt can firstly cut off the electric power automatically and stop feeding.

4.10.2. Stop of the crusher
Before stopping the machine, stop the feeding first and when the stuff is crushed completely in the cavity, cut off the electric power to stop the machine.

4.10.3. After the trial-run with stuff, check the following situation: the fastening of all join screw bolts and foundation bolts, the location of the hammers and the position of the liners. If necessary, adjust it.


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