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Wollastonite and wollastonite powder

Author:news center Post Date:12/10/11

Wollastonite has good insulating properties, but also has a high degree of whiteness, good dielectric properties and high heat resistance, weatherability performance. The wollastonite widely used in the field of ceramics, stone industry, metallurgy, stone making, plastics, paints and other.
World rich wollastonite, total resources estimated at 800 million tons, but the distribution is very uneven. Found wollastonite deposit in just more than 20 countries, mainly distributed in Mexico, the United States and other countries in Asia, China, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and the Americas, proven reserves of 300 million tons; addition, Finland Turkey, Namibia, South Africa, Sudan, Canada and Yugoslavia also found wollastonite deposit.
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The wollastonite available system brake pads, glazed ceramic, and widely used in the automobile, metallurgy, ceramics, plastics and other industrial production. Which wollastonite consumer most promising areas in the world of engineering plastics industry, wollastonite as fillers and reinforcing agents for the plastics and stone industry, in more and more alternative metal parts of manufactured goods to its market The demand is growing rapidly.
Ultrafine particulate matter due to the improvement of the processing methods to obtain potential new uses are being found increasingly widespread use of wollastonite. Experts predict the future wollastonite application areas the proportion is as follows: the ceramic industry and the relevant departments of 6%; 22% of the coatings, plastics and decorative material; asbestos substitutes 5%; El everyday life insulated items with insulating ceramic foam 12% ; ceramic foam for building insulation, 6%; 2% of the the refractory insulating layer ceramic foam; casting production ceramic foam 4%; 3% of the the slag concrete block surface coating; stone production by 40%.
Wollastonite powder mainly divided into: the paint grade wollastonite powder, the stone stone grade wollastonite, friction level wollastonite, stone grade wollastonite, building materials grade wollastonite ceramics class wollastonite.
The wollastonite broad prospects brings the development opportunity of Liming Heavy Industry large jaw crusher. Liming Heavy Industry on the basis of the traditional jaw crusher, improved product mix, the introduction of PE large jaw crusher. The large cracker introduction of Germany advanced manufacturing technology, has a simple and reasonable structure, high yield, large crushing ratio, long life of the tooth plate, finished uniform particle size, low power consumption, easy maintenance, etc., is currently the most advanced models. In terms of production, higher productivity and lower wear and power consumption, a harder product quality, to ensure the smooth progress of wollastonite production and processing operations efficient.

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