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The application of the european version mill to crush and process the zeolite

Author:news center Post Date:12/08/27

Zeolite determines the characteristics of its extensive use in modern society, and modern business, agriculture, defense, medical, zeolites are widely used as a new material. Crushed zeolite processing industry also will be a great development, a group of zeolite mill to market quickly, while one of the most significant natural than the European version mill.
The European version mill consists of the largest crushing and grinding equipment R & D enterprise Liming Heavy Industry Science & Technology development, and the past zeolite mill equipment, the European version mill changed the traditional machine is fixed mode of operation, the use of the bevel gear overall transmission energy efficient as the major revenue point of the mill. Secondly, within the European version mill more smooth curved duct and composite blade structure, have a more comprehensive upgrade to the performance of the mill, plus the rare lubrication system, so that the European version of the grinding powder machine far more than a similar mill, more color in the process of zeolite crushed.
The use of zeolite after the many years of development, more and more common in the field of catalysts, desiccants, detergents, and adsorbents, health products, feed, electronics industries, ultra-high vacuum technology, space technology, zeolite processing market is also increasing scale, in this kind of situation, the purchase of the zeolite mill natural zeolite crushed the focus of the processing enterprises, the launch of the European version mill, is to make up the vacancies in the market of this aspect for the development of zeolite mill, marked direction.

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